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We use four kinds of cookies:

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These cookies allow you to navigate our site and utilize features such as shopping cart or wishlist.

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We use Google Analytics cookies to quantify the number of users who visit our site. They allow us to further measure and analyze how our visitors use our site. This information allows us to continually improve our services and your shopping experience. For more information, visit the Privacy page of Google Analytics:

Customization cookies
When you browse or buy online, the site will remember your preferences (for example, your location or language). With these cookies, we offer an experience more simple navigation, easy and personalized.

Advertising cookies 
These cookies are used to publish outstanding ads for our visitors. In addition, they limit the number of times each user sees an ad and help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.
By browsing our site, you agree that we téléchargions this type of cookies on your device and perform consultations when you revisit our site in the future.

Some cookies are used by others (p. Ex. Google) to provide data on the effectiveness of our promotions. No personal information will, in any case compiled. Cookies have a maximum validity period of two years.

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